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CMT and Sequencing.com have created an exclusive Preferred Provider Discount with Genomics Personalized Health (GPH) that offers a Whole Genome Sequencing service through a highly reputable CLIA-certified lab.

Please complete the form and payment below to receive non-invasive saliva collection kits for Whole Genome Sequencing.

This Sequencing.com/Concierge Medicine Today offer includes:

  • Non-invasive saliva collection kits that your patients can use at your office or their home
  • Pre-paid return packaging to return each saliva specimen
  • Lifetime, HIPAA-compliant storage of the genome sequencing data
  • Analysis of the data
  • Two genetic reports that transform genetic data into meaning information
  • The Healthcare Pro report is designed for you, the healthcare professional – view sample report
  • The Wellness & Longevity report is designed for your patient – view sample report
  • Your practice’s own HIPAA-compliant and Privacy Shield-compliant account at Sequencing.com to access your patient’s data and genetic reports
  • No additional cost to your practice to securely store your patient’s genetic data and genetic reports
  • Includes the ability to securely share the data and reports with your patients
  • Includes access to Sequencing.com’s rapidly growing App Market with apps that provide clear solutions for better health
  • Also includes an optional Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Sequencing.com

Sequencing.com is the world’s only HIPAA-compliant platform for apps that turn genetic data into valuable information.